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At LearnSocialStudies.Org we strive to provide students, teachers, and schools with the most resources for social studies. It is our goal to provide you both quality and applicable lessons, quizzes, and visual, text, audio, and video based resources. Our philosophy is built upon tools and strategies that have been classroom tested and revised year after year. Older resources are always available and never deleted. Newer resources will be highlighted on the blog as well as current historical topics.

Most of the resources on our website are free, but some resources such as Google Worksheet Forms, quizzes, printable worksheets, and answer keys will  be made available for purchase for small fees.

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New York State Global History II Exam – Details, Skills, and Strategies (New Exam – June 2019)

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After 10 years of providing resources for students and teachers, it was about time to update and modernize the MySocialStudiesTeacher.com website as as well as create a new site with the availability of more resources in a comprehensive manner. Most of the resources will be free but a select few will be available for purchase, especially the new material for New York State educators that is aligned to the changes that will occur in 2018-19 for the new Global History II Regents Exam. Maintaining a website this large takes considerable time and financial resources that have gone beyond the normal means.

Thank you for your support and have a great school year!

Mr. Ott

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At LearnSocialStudies.Org resources are always paramount and our first priority, whether you are looking for lessons, presentations, videos, photos, webquests, research projects, writing strategies, historical thinking skills, or other online resources, we will try to assist you in your endeavor.

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